Towboat Fleet
Barge Register

The HFL atmospheric tank barge fleet is constantly growing. We pride ourselves in having the nicest tank barges on the water. Although we will add or change things as the customer request, we also pride ourselves in standardization of features across our fleet.

30,000 bbl Capacity Tank Barges
By no means does a standardized fleet mean that our barges abilities are limited. Our 30,000 bbl fleet includes both internally framed barges and externally framed barges for specialty chemical service. Some of our 30,000 bbl barges have specialty features such as fully segregated dual cargo hauling capabilities but we are always open to customer input in specialty features on our tank barges.

30k bbl tank barge specs:
Dimensions: 297.5’x 54’x 12’
Approximate capacity in gallons: 1.2 million
Built with approximately 925 tons of steel
Gross Register Tonnage: 1,619

10,000 bbl Capacity Tank Barges
Specialty features are not exclusive to our larger barges. Our 10,000 bbl fleet is fully externally framed for maximum cargo flexibility. All HFL 10,000 bbl barges are also equipped with steam systems via channels running on the underside of the cargo tank floors. In many of the HFL 10,000 bbl barges many of the specialization is taking a step further with the addition of high grade stainless steel cargo piping systems and cargo tank linings.

10k bbl tank barge specs:
Dimensions: 200’x 35’x 12.5’ Approximate capacity in gallons: 420,000 Built with approximately 425 tons of steel
Gross Register Tonnage: 735

Tank Barges - Vessel Numbering Key
100 Series are Box, 10,000 bbl. tank barges
200 Series Rake 10,000 bbl tank barges
300 Series Small Box (147.5’ x 54’ x 12’) tank barge
400 Series Lead rake 30,000 bbl tank barges
500 Series Trail rake 30,000 bbl tank barges
600 Series Box 30,000 bbl tank barges
700 Series High pressure tank barges
Even Numbered Barges Externally framed
Odd Numbered Barges Internally framed
Barges numbers ending in "S" Stainless steel piping systems
Barges numbers ending in "SS" Cargo tanks and systems all stainless steel